System Snapshot #02062004 - terminal history restored

MESMERUMDIOS v1.0.0 ================= Today is: Saturday, 5th of March 1960 You have no new mail.

cat ~/elnar.enc Password: 3PrinceSong!

We have determined that your existence is not suitable for this reality. This decision was primarily driven by the fact that we have observed your time-warping powers, and we can now unsafely conclude that you are too dangerous to be kept in this timespace. Please, return to your time and space immediately, or face irreversible consequences.
Should you fail to oblige, we will be forced to evaporate the entire space which your being is currently located in.
If you are not a time traveller and have accidentally restored a system snapshot of the Elnär planetary system (code: Elnar:simba54), please accept our sincere apologies, forcefully remove this message, exit the terminal and do move on as if nothing has ever happened.
However, if you are a time traveller, please instantenously exit this time and space continuum and return to the existence that matches your original timecode. If you fail to do this action within 1 hour from reading this message, there will be above-mentioned consequences.
>> Note: Your timecode (encoded in `Earth:human1` format) is:

rm -f ~/elnar.enc exit

Error: Failed to exit: Cannot set last logout time for $N1. Is your date and time correct?