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To give your forum a distinct look and feel, there are several options:

1. Change the welcome message, which is displayed to new visitors⚓︎

  • To achieve this, go to Administration section of your forum and click on "Basics"

    The Basics section

    The basics

    The rest is simple - edit "Welcome Banner" to your liking.

    The Welcome Banner

    Welcome Banner

    Very basic HTML tags are supported, such as <h1> (heading text/title/big text), <br/> (line break), etc. Get creative. Here is template I use for my forum that you can modify:


Read the <a href="">Information</a> page for information about translations and rules.
<h4>Thank you</h4>

2. Change the color schema of your forum.⚓︎

  • Go into "Appearance" in the "Administration" left sidebar. Edit HEX values in the "Colors" section on top of the page. You can use color picker to obtain HEX values of colors.

3. Add a custom header or menu bar.⚓︎

  • The Links extension is capable of doing this.

4. Add a background.⚓︎

  • Put body { background: url(""); } in your "Custom Styles" section of your forum in the "Appearance" section of the Administration. You can learn more about backgrounds with HTMl & CSS here.

Some nice & creative examples