• Name: Emoji (flarum/emoji)
  • Author: Flarum
  • Flarum discussion N/A
  • Compatible with FreeFlarum: Yes.
  • Approximate time to setup: 0 - 2 minutes


This extension converts text and unicode emoji into Twitter's Twemoji in posts & discussions at your Flarum forum.

Where can I see list of available emoticons?

With over +2,000 emojis currently available in Twemoji, it is hard to remember all of them. Here you can take a look at all of them (please note that the page might take a while to load, and may slow down your computer too due to a lot of emojis listed).

How can I insert an emoji into a post?

Just start to type : (colon) and a few of them available to choose will pop up:

The emoji picker

You can then search for emojis there too! Or you can just directly paste an Unicode emoji - it will be converted into Twemoji automatically.

Can I add my own emojis?

Unfortunately, that is currently not possible. You could try to make a workaround that with CSS and carefully set up selectors that replace certain markdown specific tags with custom emoji, however this is for advanced users only.

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