• Name: Flags (flarum/flags)
  • Author: Flarum
  • Flarum discussion N/A
  • Compatible with FreeFlarum: Yes
  • Approximate time to setup: 1 - 2 minutes


Allows user to flag discussions & posts for moderator review. In short, a "report this post" button for Flarum.

Setting up

All you should do after you enable the discussion is specify the "Community Guidelines URL", which is basically the link to the rules of your forum. You can create a discussion for this and link that. If you don't specify anything, the redirect in the flag modal won't work.

The settings dialog

"Allow users to flag their own posts" allows users to flag their own posts, as the name suggests... This is useful when someone wants to request a title change, or remove the discussion entirely, for example (instead of messaging or mentioning a staff member).

Are there any permissions?

Yes, this extension comes with the following permissions: - Flag posts - allow users to be able to flag posts. - View flagged posts - allows users to view flagges posts. - View private discussions of other users if flagged - if a private discussion is flagged, this allows moderators to see that discussion. This permission works only when the Byōbu (private discussions) extension is enabled.

Where can I see the flagged posts

After you have enabled the extension, a new flag button should appear in your navigation bar of your forum. To see that button, you obviously must have the correct permissions mentioned above. Clicking on the flag will show a modal of all flagged discussions, if there are any. Works similarly to the notification box.

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