FoF Default Group

  • Name: FoF Default Group
  • Author: FriendsOfFlarum
  • Flarum discussion N/A
  • Compatible with FreeFlarum: Yes.
  • Approximate time to setup: 1 - 2 minutes, depends on your groups setup


This group allows you to choose a group that will be automatically assigned to new registered members.


This extension is easy to setup. By default, registered users are assigned the "Member" group.

Once you enable the extension, following popup will appear:

You can then click the dropdown button and select the group you wish to be assigned to new members. This won't affect old members, all this does is that when a new user registers, this extension automatically gives selected group to them.

For this to work, you will need to have at least 1 group. You can do that under Administration > Permissions.

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