FoF Drafts


This extension allows discussions to be saved as a draft and to be posted later. You can also schedule the draft to post automatically at a certain time, which is really cool.


  • Enable Scheduled Drafts: Enabled the ability for users to schedule drafts. Enabled by default.
  • Use onOneServer() directive for the task scheduler (requires Redis/Memcache): Very mysterious. You shouldn't worry about this one. Leave it disabled, as it is by default.
  • Append scheduler output to log storage: Logs scheduler output data to FreeFlarum's server. You should leave this enabled, as it makes it easier for us to debug potential problems caused.

How drafts work?

This extension adds a new user setting to your user settings page at the very bottom.

If this is enabled, your discussions will be automatically saved once every x specified seconds. You should leave some nice number there, such as 10 seconds, which is not much but also not low. Do not abuse this, else there will be consequences.

Drafts can be accessed by clicking on the "Drafts" button located on the top navigation bar of your forum when the extension is enabled (in mobile, it's in the sidebar with same icon):

  • This also adds a new "Save" button to the discussion composer. This allows you to save the discussion as a draft.

Saved drafts then appear in the "Drafts" button popup:

First calendar button with a plus icon allows you to schedule the draft to be post at a certain date & time:

You can also review & re-schedule, if needed:

  • Second X button will discard and delete the draft. This action is irreversible, so be careful!

And that's about it for the drafts. This extension should be in use at your forum in case you want a scheduled and organized draft system. Happy discussing!

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