FoF Formatting


This extension can customize text formatting through small plugins. An alternative to s9e/flarum-ext-autovideo, s9e/flarum-ext-autoimage, s9e/flarum-ext-mediaembed, and s9e/flarum-ext-fancypants.


Once enabled, this extension comes with a few settings:

  • Autoimage: Converts image URLs into an acutal images automatically.
  • Autovideo: Converts video URLs into playable videos automatically.
  • FancyPants: Uses "fancy" typography.
    • So, for example Fancy "quotes", symbols (c)(tm), dashes -- and elipsis... -> Fancy “quotes”, symbols ©™, dashes – and elipsis…
  • HTMLExtities: Uses HTML entities.
    • Example: I ♥ HTML. -> I ♥ HTML.
  • MediaEmbed: Automatically embeds content from allowed sites. Example: YouTube URL into actual YouTube video.
  • PipeTables: ASCII-style tables (learn more).
  • TaskLists: GitHub/GitLab-like flavored task lists.

You can modify these settings to your liking and then use the syntax to style your discussions/posts.

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