FoF Linguist


With this extension you can configure alternate or missing translation strings for your forum.

  • No manual translation file editing required, everything is configured via the admin UI
  • Translate frontend or backend strings
  • Override the translation for a specific locale or all installed locales
  • Easily search for strings by name or value in any language
  • Multiple filters to find strings that are missing translations or belong to a specific extension


The UI is pretty user friendly. You can search for phrases and view their IDs, copy original text and translate it, etc... What do we recommend though is to just locate the text you want to translate at your forum and then search for it from the extension's UI and edit it.

You can specify translations for all languages, or specific ones. Extension translations are supported too. Perfect choice for making your forum truly custom!

After editing translations, Linguist will offer you the opportunity to clear the forum cache. For performance reasons, Linguist won't attempt to clear the cache by itself.

If the new translations don't show up, try clearing the cache again by using Dashboard > Tools > Clear cache.

Also note Flarum uses a "one place, one translation key" approach to translations, so you might have to edit several keys to replace a specific keyword.

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