FoF Masquerade


The user profile generator. Allows administrators to create a custom user profile fields they can fill in.


  • New tab on user profile to show masquerade profile with answers provided to configured fields.
  • New tab on user profile for user to set up a masquerade profile.
  • Add, update, delete and order profile fields in admin.
  • Permission who can have a masquerade profile.
  • Permission who can view a masquerade profile.
  • Allowing you to configure forced redirection to make a (email verified) user complete the required fields.


Enable the extension. Visit the masquerade tab in the admin to configure the fields.

  • Force user to complete profile: If this is turned on, the extension will force users to complete their profile upon verifying their E-Mail address/registering.

Be aware that the "Add new field" and "Edit field X" toggle the field form when clicked.

  • Field name: The publicly visible field name.
  • Field description: Optional setting that allows you to explain the usage/functionality of the field.
  • Icon: Shows an icon in front of values entered by the user. For a reference of available icons, check the FontAwesome website. Use icon names with the "fa-" prefix, like "fas fa-info".
  • Show answer to this field in user bio: If this is turned on, the extension will display the user selected answer in their bio at their profile.
  • Mark field obligatory: If this is turned off, the field will be optional (effective when you have turned on the option to "Force user to complete profile").
  • Type:
    • URL: A valid URL address must be put in the field by the user.
    • Email: A valid E-Mail address must be put in the field by the user.
    • Checkbox: Represents the classic checkbox/tickbox. Users can check it or uncheck it (make it empty).
    • Dropdown: Allows you to configure more options that can be selected from a dropdown menu.

Make sure to configure the Masquerade permissions on the Admin Permissions tab to suit your needs.

  • View masquerade profile: Allows users to be able to view other's "Masquerade" profiles.
  • Have masquerade profile: Allows users to have a "Masquerade" profile.

Here's how it looks in action:

Other users will see this:

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