FoF Pages


This extension allows you to create custom static pages in Flarum.


Enable the extension and navigate to the extension admin area.

Click on the "Create page" button.

From there, a new popup modal will open:

We've got a few settings to modify:

  • Title - The title of the page that will be displayed on the top of the page.

  • Slug - The ID of the page that will be displayed in the page URL (eg. ./p/<numeric id, not editable>-<slug> -> ./p/2-slug).

  • Content - The content of the page. Defaults to Markdown, HTML can also be used (see options below), but not both.

  • Save as draft - The page will be saved, but will not be displayed/accessible, so that you can edit it later.

  • Restrict access (configure who can access in the Permissions tab) - Allows you to restrict the visibility/access of this page to certain groups from the "Permissions" Administration tab.

  • Enable HTML - Allows you to use HTML in the page "Content" instead of Markdown.

We've also got a few buttons in the page list:

  • Pencil button/Edit - Opens the page creation modal, allows you to edit the page.
    • In addition to all the options from the page creation modal, there is also a button to "Delete page", which is the same as the "X" button in the options below.
  • Home button/Mark as homepage - Marks the page as the homepage of your forum, so users will see that page as the main page of your forum.
  • Eye button/See the page - Opens the page in a new window in your browser, allowing you to see the page.
  • X Button/Delete the page - Opens confirmation alert box and allows you to delete the page. This action cannot be undone!

Can I add links to the pages in the navigation bar for quick access?

Yes, you can use FoF Links to link to your page URL.

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