FoF Polls


A Flarum extension that adds polls to your discussions.


First, enable the extension. It has no settings in the Administration panel, so you are good to go and no additional setup is required.

A new "Add poll" button has been added to the post composer. Clicking on it will open the following dialog:

Here, we see a few settings:

  • Question - The question to ask your users. Example: "Do you like red or green apples?".

  • Answers - There can be more of them. They're basically options your users can choose from. Example (could be used along with the first question): Answer #1: "Red"; Answer #2: "Green".

  • Poll end date - This setting is optional. It allows you to choose the end date of the poll - after that time, no more votes can be cast. The UI is fancy and easy to choose:

  • Allow people to see who voted - Defaults to false/off. If this is on, it allows users to see who voted on a poll.

This extension also adds a few permissions to the "Permissions" tab in your Administration panel:

  • Start a poll - Allows the user to create a poll.

  • Vote on polls - Allows the user to vote on a poll.

  • Allow users to edit their own polls - "Allow users to edit their own polls". Quite obvious ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Edit & remove polls - Allows the user to edit other polls and to delete them.

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