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Login with Github⚓︎

In order to setup GitHub login, you firstly need to create a GitHub App

To create a GitHub App, navigate to your User Settings:

Navigate to Developer Settings:

Click on OAuth Apps, then on New OAuth App button:

Now, fill in some basic and required settings:

The Authorization callback URL is the most important part. It has to be set to If you are using a Custom Domain, just add the /auth/github to the end of your domain.

Once you have successfuly created your OAuth App, you should be redirected to a page similar to this:

Congratulations, this is an Easter Egg

The Client ID and Client Secret area is important. You will input those credentials to your GitHub Login extension at your admin dashboard. If you haven't enabled the extension already, go to Find the GitHub Login extension and enable it by clicking on it.

Another modal should popup, with Client ID and Client Secret fields. You probably know what to do now - copy your Client Credentials from your App page and paste it into this modal. Hit save.

If you have enabled GitHub Login already, you can click on the dotted navigation menu popup to revive the sneaky modal we mentioned above.

If you did all the steps above correctly, congratulations! Your users should be able to login with GitHub now! You can test it in Incognito Mode, if supported.

If an error appeared after logining in using GitHub, please open up a new issue, so we can look into it!

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