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FreeFlarum: Powerful communities for everyone!

Please post feature requests as new Github issues.

v3.0 (July 2021)⚓︎

v2.3 (11th August, 2019)⚓︎

  • Forums can be deleted
  • No more ads

v2.2 (3rd August, 2019)⚓︎

  • Beta9 support!

v2.1 (9th January 2018)⚓︎

  • Forums can export data.
  • Add integrated support for mail delivery services (Sendgrid or similar).
  • Cache builder optimized with golang minification (90% speed improvement)

v2.0 (9th December 2017)⚓︎

  • Forums have control panel outside of Flarum.
  • Forums can use own domain name.
  • Custom domains have automatic SSL (from Letsencrypt).

v1.0 (2nd December 2017)⚓︎

  • SSL is grade A with SSL Labs.
  • Daily backups to offsite location, both files and database.
  • 24/7 monitoring in place.

v0.9 (26th November 2017)⚓︎

  • Under 3 second Flarum site creation.
  • Flarum instances are isolated and cannot influence each other.
  • All forums have SSL protection.