...and support FreeFlarum!

Why donate?

FreeFlarum is a non-profit community provided service that lives from donations. Donations not only help me cover the expenses that come from running FreeFlarum, but they also motivate me to keep going forward and improve the service.

Without you, awesome donors, FreeFlarum would not exist anymore!

What is the money used for?

The donations are used to pay for fees that are necessary for FreeFlarum to stay online. This mainly includes payments for FreeFlarum server and domains.

What do I get for donating?

To encourage users to donate, FreeFlarum will reward you with some perks in return, as a token of gratitude (see below for a list of perks).

Donation Perks

What do you get for making a one-time donation?

Up to 7 €

Donate up 7 €, and:

  • We will thank you ;)

7 €

Donate 7 € or more and you will receive additional perks:

  • The FreeFlarum footer at your forum will be removed
  • Your forum will not be automatically removed due to its activity/inactivity.
  • Ability to use the `local` extender in FoF Upload extension (max. 500 MB upload, forum wide).

OG donors:

If you have donated more than 20 € before the U1-2022 (summer update), you will also receive

  • An additional 500 MB to your FoF Uploads (for a total of 1 GB).
  • Your forum can be featured on the main FreeFlarum website (contact me).

Are you ready to donate?

All money goes towards supporting FreeFlarum


When donating, please input nothing else except your forum tag in the donation message! Our system will automatically mark you as donor by scanning the donation message.

  • Nickname can be anything that you want.
  • You can check Private message so only FreeFlarum can see your donation message/forum name. Useful if your forum is private - otherwise, it will show up at our donation page

If FreeFlarum can't find your forum tag in the donation message, your forum will not be automatically marked as donor. If you have donated and haven't received a thank-you E-mail within a day, please contact me so that we can sort it out:

Note: If you are interested in donating through cryptocurrency, please E-mail us at