Are you experiencing some issues? You may contact FreeFlarum via links provided on this page. Please note that support is provided in my spare time, but despite that, I still usually respond within a day, at most.

Note: FreeFlarum is a community provided service and is not affiliated with Flarum, its project or the Flarum Foundation. This means that FreeFlarum can't help you with inquiries that are only related to Flarum or its extensions, the same way Flarum can't assist you with FreeFlarum issues. FreeFlarum may provide recommendations and pointers to other discussions for a Flarum related issue, but you are not guaranteed that it will be resolved (e. g.: a bug in certain extension can't be fixed by FreeFlarum, since extensions are usually maintained by independent creators - all that FreeFlarum can do is provide you with logs and stacktrace that you can forward to that extension's maintainer).

Examples of inquiries that FreeFlarum can help you with:

  • Your forum is not accessible or there is an error;
  • Your forum was archived, and you would like to reactivate it;
  • You want to change the E-mail tied to your FreeFlarum account (not your forum admin's account);
  • You have trouble linking your custom domain;
  • ...etc.

Also be sure to check out the status page before you ask any questions!