Fixup forum

Fixing up your forum may help if it appears broken. This will clear your Flarum cache, migrate your Flarum database and synchronize your forum files with up-to-date version of FreeFlarum's master forum.


Here you can overwrite the contents of your forum's robots.txt file.

Note that this may be already handled by an extension, and conflicts may occur. Cloudflare cache applies to robots.txt.

Max. size: 10 000 characters. Setting the input to blank will remove the robots.txt file.

Link custom domain

Here you can link your custom domain to your FreeFlarum forum.

In short: add an unproxied CNAME record to your subdomain in your domain registar that points to, then enter the subdomain here.

Click here for a more detailed guide: how to link my domain?

View Flarum logs

Flarum logs are useful for troubleshooting. FreeFlarum allows you to view your forum's server-side logs here. Click on a link to be redirected to a plaintext view of that log file.